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Limited Edition Chewbacca Figurine. Licenced by Lucas Films.

This is model number 394 of 5000 produced globally.


Intimidating stature, appearance, and sniper-like proficiency with a bowcaster notwithstanding, Chewbacca’s loyalty, courage and sly sense of humour may be the Wookiee’s greatest assets.

Sculpted in pewter, with details to please any fan, this sculpture of the rebel hero stands atop a hatch aboard the Falcon, signature weapon at the ready to repel enemies.

About the collection
Royal Selangor’s affectionate homage to Star Wars is a collaboration with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia.

This item comes in Star Wars Official Licensee packaging.


Star Wars Chewbacca Pewter Replica. Limited Edition

SKU: 017926
£399.00 Regular Price
£359.10Sale Price
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